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Australia's Leading Whole House System

For mains water use

Stage 1

Pre-filtration Stage. This twin filter system consists of a sediment and carbon cartridge.

System comes with 5 years warranty


Carbon cartridge:

  • removes taste & odour

  • removes chlorine

Sediment cartridge:

  • removes dirt & sediment

Big Blue Twin

Stage 2

The King and Queen of 'water softeners'

Waterways SEV17 Fully Automatic Salt Regeneration Water Softener

grey sev.png
  • 28 litres of High grade German ion-exchange resin

  • Fully Automated

  • Pentair Fleck Control Valve with a huge 5 years warranty

  • 40 lpm flow rate

  • 4.5kgs salt per regeneration

  • 6mm Roto Moulded plastic cabinet for tough Aussie conditions

  • Removes hard minerals such as calcium and  magnesium that are responsible for scale buildup/calcification.

  • Can remove trace levels of iron and manganese that are responsible for  staining.

  • Resin regenerated consistently with brine with a lifespan between 8-12 yrs. 


water softene package

Products only

3 years free servicing* T&Cs apply


Products & installation

* T&Cs apply

3 years free servicing* T&Cs apply

Reduced Bills

Hard water causes a scale barrier to form on your hot water boiler's heating element, so the heater is less efficient and consumes more power, therefore more expensive bills.

Increased Appliances Lifespan

With hard water, Water-using appliances (kettle, washing machine, dishwasher) can have lime scale build up around the valves and seald, which can lead to water leask and shorten thier lifespan.


Installing a water softener can save you  an average of  $450 on shampoo, detergent, soap and cleaning supplies alone

No more hard water stains

no more soap scum bath stains

no more hard water spots on your shower screens 

no more calcification on shower heads

Softer skin & hair

Washing your hair with hard water can cause build-up that make your hair  dry and straw-like. Showring/bathing in hard water can leave a film on your skin.

Removes taste & odour

Not a fan of the taste of tap water? This system will remove all taste and odour from your tap water. Its like bottled water from every tap!

Stop suffering from the effects of hard water!


HOw can you prevent scaling in your home?

You can prevent scaling by installing a water softener on the whole house

Mineral deposits from hard water can build up around openings of your showerheads, causing it to be clogged and therefore reduce the water pressure of your shower.

  • What are the on going maintenance & costs?
    Once installed, the maintenence of this system is relatively low. The only maintenance that is required is: Stage 1 Filter cartridge replacement approx. every 12 months. Cartridges from $130 for both cartridges together* Stage 2 Water softener salt Softener salt is $8 for 20kg bag from Bunnings *aftermarket cartidges
  • What is the cost of installation?
    A licensced plumber is required for the installation. The plumber must come annd asses your property to give you a installation quote. Installation is average $1300-$1400.
  • Where is this system installed?
    This system can be installed in your garage or on the side of the house. It is up to your personal preference and what will work best for your property. The plumber can assist you in the decision when quoting your install.
  • How does a water softener work?
    Water softeners work using ion exchange. Man made resin beads that have a high affinity for both calcium and magnesium ions are pre-loaded with sodium ions. When hard minerals pass through the resin, the calcium and magnesium are attracted to the resin and the sodium is released. So its swapping one thing for another.

Still have questions?

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