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Four stage under sink reverse osmosis drinking water system with faucet and 12 Litre storage tank.


Through our laboratory tests, this undersink RO will remove approximatelyt 90% of the Total Dissolved Solids leaving you between 20 and 40ppm of TDS which is NOT pure water.  The post carbon will add between 20-40ppm TDS back into the drinbking supply.

RO Water has a different taste and some people (1 in 10) do not like the taste (subjective), please conduct your research before ordering a RO system as returning/refunding a RO system based on personal taste is not permitted.


  • 4 Stage Watermark Certified RO System
  • 4 Filters Included
    • 5 micron Sediment
    • 10 Micron Carbon Block
    • 50 GPD Membrane and
    • Post Carbon Inline Cartridge
  • 12L Storage Tank
  • White Tubing
  • John Guest Connections
  • Thread Tape
  • Quick Connect Faucet Adaptor
  • Dual Opening Spanner
  • Inlet Water Valve
  • Pressure Limiting Valve
  • Faucet
  • Drain Clamp
  • Instruction Booklet


Maximum Production 50 Gallons Per Day or 190 litres

Available Storage in tank - 6-8 Litres depending on scheme pressure.
Wastewater: 5L per 1L of RO water produced

Wastewater can be used for Plants and Garden

Wastewater TDS 350-400 in Perth

4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System - 50GPD

SKU: RO-2550

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