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20" Whole House Replacement Filters Combo

Whole House Replacement Cartridge Combo for 20" x 4.5" Housings


5 Micron Polyspun Sediment Cartridge

10 Micron Cabon Filter Cartridge


Sediment filter cartridges can remove all particulate matter from water. They are ideal for pre-filters.


These sediment filters can be used with most liquids and they are very effective in removing sediment, rust and dirt.


Carbon block filters are made from finely ground activated carbon particles. They have been bonded together to create a uniform profile with high kinetic efficiency and superior adsorptive power. Many carbon block filters and cartridge elements flow in a radial direction, from outside to in. This results in lower pressure drop and higher dirt holding power.


A carbon block filter is made entirely from approved materials and can be used for both residential point-of use water filtration as well as commercial and food service applications. 


The carbon block filters we offer are made from high-purity activated carbon. They can be used in most household and commercial buildings.

20" Whole House Replacement Filters Combo


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