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Water Softener | 10,000L Capacity | SEV8

The most robust water softener manufacturer in Australia. Built specifically for our harsh environment and built to last with the single piece roto moulded plastic cabinet with lid, containing salt and brine storage all in the unit.


Features: Lewatit® C 249 is a premium grade, standard cross-linked, gel, strong acid cation exchange resin based ona styrene / DVB polymerand is especially suited for industrial water treatment applications, includingdemineralization and softening.


Features: Pentair Fleck 5800 SXT Head



Capacity 10,000 litres at 100 mg/l hardness

Resin Capacity 18 litres of high grade softening resin

Flow Rate Continuous 30 litres per minute

Peak 35 litres per minute

Pressure Maximum 600 kpa (85psi) Minimum 175 kpa (25psi)

Pipe Sizes Inlet/outlet 3/4” (20mm) Drain 1/2” (15mm)


Water softeners are typically used for removing calcium carbonate, manganese, iron and hardness from water sources and are regenerated by brine solutions. The treated water is soft and non scaling/staining.

Water Softener | 10,000L Capacity | SEV8

$3,290.00 Regular Price
$2,650.00Sale Price

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